We build automated dispensing systems that eliminate the world's reliance on single-use plastics.
Our products include hardware, software, and services that seamlessly tie together to simplify shopping experiences when reusing bottles and containers. This enables businesses to seamlessly dispense, track, and consolidate bulk product purchases. We support both liquid and solid dispensing, including contactless options.
Zero Waste Made Easy
Users can dispense products safely, independently, and accurately
Contactless Dispensing Options
Adapt to the future of retail with sanitized dispensing

Reduce Operating Expenses
Less spending on bottles, combined with self-service, allows store employees to re-prioritize
Flexible Merchandising
Numerous configurations empower brands to customize the shopping experience
Know Your Audience
Gain additional customer insight and build brand advocacy
1 Dispenser
3.5 Tons
of Plastic
A single Maple dispenser will offset 3.5 tons of plastic over its lifetime.
Who we are
Maple is a technology-oriented social enterprise that builds dispensing systems to enable zero waste. Our team of engineers has deep multidisciplinary experience delivering hardware and software products at scale. We are builders, visionaries, and perfectionists.
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